May 17, 2010

Schools out for summer!

Finally! The semester is over and I am happy to report that I got all As and Bs. GO ME! haha.

Okay so insurance denied the bariatiric stuff, so Im back to swimming and shakes! I CAN DO THIS!

On another good note, I was asked to be publicity for MOPS which is awesome and right up my alley! I have been praying about this position for years and I am so blessed to have this opportunity!

Also be on the lookout for future posts all about products! Im a BZZ agent and this blog will be the perfect place to well, BZZ about them. I will be giving away free coupons to those who comment on specific posts! ( Thanks Angela!)

Guten Nacht for now...(and this photo is Sammys Blue Steel pose from Zoolander)


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