May 27, 2010

Thursday Randomness!

~I am so excited for my next campaign. Its Got2B products! Of course a video will come and coupons but this time I think there will even be samples! how awesome is that! Look for it next week some time!

~I LOVE my Bissel carpet machine! I got it for free practically! We got a KOHLS gift card for $100 when we switched cable companies and got the Little Green Machine with that gift card. It works amazingly! Ive used it once when I got it and was super impressed and now again today! It was fast and detailed. I thought NO WAY would it be easier then a stand up but I think because I can really put some elbow grease into it it works better! I cleaned my entire living room with only ONE fill of the basin! Oh and I got the heated one too.. I love having clean carpets! ( sorry ladies no coupons for this.. just a good ol Rave!)
~ I got my coupon in the mail today for a free Bowl at GENGHIS GRILL.. guess what were having for dinner! haha

~ Im going to a card making party tonight. My friend Rebecca is a big time scrapbooker and has these partys where we bring $10 and double sided tape ( or purchase off her for $2) and we then sit and make these awesome greeting cards. We go home with 10 of them and boy have they come in handy! Ill take a photo of them tonight and post them later. Im excited as I havent been able to go in a while as it was always on the days I had school! YAY for SUMMER~!

Thats all for today ( so far anyways)
Ill leave you with some photos of our weekend!


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