May 19, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer

So just like I promised I would be doing demos and coupon give aways for products.

First up is Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer. Everyone knows that cleaning the bathroom and shower is one of the most bothersome tasks in the house, but thats all changing now thanks to Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer.

This little product will save you loads of time cleaning your bathroom. You spray it on bathroom surfaces including sinks, tiles, counters showers and tubs. Its powerful cleaners cut through soap scum and grime and work over-time to continue cleaning for up to 4 days. helping to keep your bathroom cleaner longer! And to make things easier it comes with an innovative battery-operated sprayer that releases a continuous spray just by holding down the trigger! NO PUMPING REQUIRED!

~Recieved the"Ease-of-Use Commendation" from the Arthritis Foundation!

~Totally refillable - Keep the sprayer, buy new refills.

How does the formula work?

1) You spray Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean power sprayer on your bahtroom surfaces, wipe with a sponge then rinse.

2) Hydrophilic ( water-loving) properties in the formula attract water droplets to eachother to form a flat, even film

3) The film keeps dirt, soap scum and grime from sticking to the surface of your sint, shower or tub.

4) the next time you rinse, the water glides over the film while washing away the loosened dirt, grime and soap scum, leaving behind a thinner layer of film for up to four days!

Retail price is 8.99 for the kit and 3.99 for refills. ( of course if you are a bargain shopper you can find it cheaper!)

Want to try it out? Be one of the first 8 people to comment this blog and I will send you a $5 off coupon for the kit along with a $1 off coupon for the refills! Now thats a steal! be sure to leave a way for me to contact you, or send an email to me at stating that you posted!

*Disclosure~ I am a BZZ agent and recieved samples and coupons to try this product out.


SQuinn said...

I love Srubbing Bubbles pwer sprayer! They are awesome and work great!

Brie said...

ID love to send you a coupon. send me your address to

Mindy said...

I love it too!! But it looks like I"m too late! Why didn't I get into that campaign?? Bummed!

Brie said...

no your not too late! I had 8 total to pass out!(now 6)

Anonymous said...

Does it really work...I have wanted one but not made the purchase. Like many cleaning the batheroom is at the top of the list along with folding laundry...things i wish would get done by themselves. :) send me the coupon

Melissa @ Domestic Goddess In Training said...

I would love some coupons =)

my email adddress is mdb3383 at yahoo dot com

Frugal Momma said...

I'd love a coupon to try it out!

Jessica said...

Would be great to get these coupons!

Brie said...

Frugal momma I need your contact info.. and two left ladies~

Brie said...

and C (aka anonymous) I sent you a PM!

Molly said...

Brie what is this? It looks interesting and I would love a coupon

Brie said...

MOlly Id love to send you one.. please email me with your address.

Denise said...

Sounds awesome. I'm always looking for a good cleaning product.

Brie said...

Denise snagged the last one!!! keep looking out for more coupons ladies!

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