Jun 1, 2010

Memorial Day weekend and GEOCACHING

We had an amazing weekend! We spend most of the day on Monday out Geocaching!

What is Geocaching you ask?

Geocaching is like treasure hunting and hide and seek in one! You use a GPS ( or ipone/droid app) and input cordinates from the site GEOCACHING.COM and then you follow your GPS till you find your location. at this location you must find a hidden container of sorts and inside will be a log book and often a treasure. You take a treaser and leave a treasure. (usually some sort of trinket) This is a global game that can be played anywhere!

We spent the whole mid morining to late afternoon Caching! We got 5 of 7 found! The kids love it. We go on all sorts of adventures and hikes and we end up finding places whithin our city we never knew about!

in the photo below is a microcache! we had to find the rock then split the rock open to find what was inside! it was aweseome!

We had a bbq with family for dinner that night and played minute to win it games, which of course hillarity insued!

Saturday My two best girls and thier kids came for a bbq at our house and I missed them so much! It was great to just catch up and let the kids play! Overall it was a great weekend!

Due to the Holiday however, mail has not yet come and so I have product to review.. but Im hoping it will be in todays mail as Im sure you all waiting or the next coupon!!


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