Jun 16, 2010

Update for JUNE!

Okay. So Ive been trying to get on to review this new product but alas I had to go and rip my power cord out of the lap top and pull the pin out with it. So I am without it and as Im going away on friday for a week to youth camp, then again two weeks later to Santa Cruz I just simply dont know if I will have time to post a video. I still dont know when that new power cord will be here either. So I will be posting a text review! I know that the next review will be better.

First though I want to share that I turned the big dirty 30 on wednesday the 9th. It was however, the BEST birthday Ive ever had! On wednesday we had a BBQ at my moms house with my family and my two besties! ( kat and Cass!) and thier kids. It was windy so instead of out in the back yard my Mom set up this cool buffet and kids area in the garage, complete with a mini theater and little bowling. We had delicious Kinders tri tip with a variety of salads and awesome Ice Cream cake! ( 30 years of ice cream cake tradition) My brother and his girlfriend Nikole gave me an amazing gift of a weekend away at the Nugget (casino) with my husband! NO KIDS. and some spending money, then my Mom and Step Dad got me a fabulous DB purse to wear out.. with another 100 dollars in spending money! AWESOME!!!

So Friday we dropped the kids off with my brother and checked into the Nugget. it was an amazing view! We had panoramic windows so we could see all of downtown Reno and sparks, and as far south as the eye could see. We got to swim and soak and drink, ha ha.. Dinner that night with Toms Brother and Wife at Trader Dicks was awesome. They rang the GONG for my birthday and we got this fabulous raspberry cream type dessert! We played a few bucks on the nickel slots and just enjoyed the night! Saturday we got to go to a movie which we NEVER get to do and then went to Great Basin Brewery with My brother and Nikole for dinner and beers and live music! Then of course Scorpions at the lounge... We had so much fun. It was great for our marriage too. My husband and I just got to be together and renew ourselves! Then Sunday was a BBQ with my Dad and Grandparents and siblings and it was awesome to see my son play baseball with my grandpa. Hes not going to be around for long and I know this will be a memory my son will always have! overall.. BEST WEEKEND EVER! haha

And now were off again on Friday to go to JR. High Camp. Im so excited. I get to spend the weekend with my family up there and then the week as a leader without kids. It will be the first time Ive been to camp without kids! Im going to miss my babies! But I know that God is going to do some amazing stuff up there!

Then on July 9th we leave for Santa Cruz! My husband and Kids have yet to see the real Ocean! Tom has seen the bay but not the ocean like this! Its going to be so much fun and as a photographer I am just so excited about all the photo ops! haha.

Hopefully Ill come home with a lot of photos! soo look for them mid July!


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